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Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the manufacturing process and M. Holland is investing in top-quality materials that will change the way we work.

Bringing manufacturing solutions to the forefront of innovation.

At M. Holland, we provide innovative solutions for your manufacturing needs. With an eye for continuously improving the service and products that we offer our clients, we are excited to provide materials that support the evolution of 3D printing as a manufacturing tool.

Our specialists have direct experience with dozens of formats and printers. We can provide consultative support in all areas of 3D printing operations, including Application Development, Machinery Recommendations, Material Specification, Internal Training, Part Design, and the adoption of 3D printing into your facility.

M. Holland offers a robust line of industrial and reinforced 3D printing material:

M. Holland offers a robust line of industrial and reinforced 3D printing material:

We take a consultative approach to your additive manufacturing needs.
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Carbon Fiber Reinforced Materials

  • CF-Ultem
  • CF-PC
  • CF-PA6
  • CF-ABS
  • CF-PLA

High Performance Materials

  • PEKK
  • PEEKm
  • Ultem 1010
  • Ultem 9085
  • PPSU
  • PSU
  • PA6
  • TPE 88A
  • TPE 92A
  • PET-G
  • ASA
  • PC-ASA
  • PC-ABS


  • HIPS
  • PVA
  • HT-Support

Fire Retardant Materials

  • FR PPS
  • FR ABS

Electrostatic Discharge Safe Materials

  • ESD-PC


Standard Filaments
Innofil3D PLA & ABS

  • PLA – White, black, silver, red, blue, natural
  • ABS – Black, natural, silver, red

Standard Filaments
Innofil3D EPR InnoPET

  • InnoPET – White, black, clear

Support Filaments

  • HIPS – Natural
  • SOLVE – Natural

Professional Series
High Performance

  • ABS FUSION – Black, natural
  • PP – Natural
  • PET CF – Black
  • PA HT CF – Black
  • PRO1 – Black, Natural

Flexible Filaments Shore 60 & 45d
Innoflex 60 & 45

  • INNOFLEX – Black
  • INNOFLEX 60 – Black
  • INNOFLEX 45 – Black

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