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Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the manufacturing process and M. Holland is investing in top-quality materials that will change the way we work.

M. Holland is a proud distributor of
XSTRANDTM reinforced composite filament.

At M. Holland we provide innovative solutions for your manufacturing needs. With an eye for continuously improving the service and products that we offer our clients, we are excited to provide materials that support the evolution of 3D printing as a manufacturing tool. Learn More About XSTRANDTM

XSTRAND 3D GF30-PA6 Reinforced Composite Filament
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XSTRAND 3D GF30-PA6 Reinforced Composite Filament

Features & Benefits

  • Materials designed for functional prototyping and industrial applications
  • Engineered reinforced plastics
  • Very stiff and strong
  • Large operational template range from 20°C to 120°C
  • Good chemical and UV resistance
  • Excellent layer adhesion and reduced warping effect compare to neat material

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