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September 9, 2015 • Posted in Market Insights

Week of September 8, 2015


Energy / Economy Overview

  • Oil prices are trending down again after last week’s surprise 12% increase
  • Chinese imports dropped 13.8%, following an 8.1% decrease in July
  • The effect is partly due to falling prices of commodities, but China is the world’s largest energy consumer and slow Chinese demand is putting downward pressure on oil
  • US commercial crude reserves currently sit near an eight-decade peak owing to high production levels and weak demand
  • Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts the global power generation mix will move from 2/3 fossil fuels to one where 56% of energy is from sources with zero emissions
  • Wind power will be the least costly option and solar power is projected to boom, as well accounting for almost a third of global investment in power generation

WTI Crude Oil & Brent Crude Oil 09082015

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