We take diversity, equity and inclusion personally.

At M. Holland, we are committed to cultivating a diverse workforce. One in which current and prospective Mployees feel represented and empowered to express their individuality, regardless of gender, race, background, age, faith or any other dimension of diversity. Each Mployee brings unique experiences that build upon our culture, and these contributions make us stronger and better equipped to achieve our goals.

Our approach to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is a journey rather than a destination. Although we’ve made some great progress — amending our hiring practices, broadening our recruiting network, instituting blind resume reviews, launching an internal DEI training program, and establishing an internal DEI Steering Committee and Council — we are striving to create a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive company.

What DEI Means to M. Holland


A diverse M. Holland means people with a variety of traits and characteristics are represented. We want to recognize and celebrate every Mployee’s distinct set of experiences that guide who they are today — including relational, occupational, physical and societal aspects of life. Diversity is a table set for every voice and every perspective.


Our focus is on creating a supportive, welcoming and equitable workplace for all Mployees. Equal opportunity is not always enough to overcome individual circumstances. It is critical to recognize that every person starts their journey from a different place — and therefore requires unique support and resources to reach an equitable outcome.


Only through inclusion can we truly celebrate diversity. We want Mployees to feel included, considered and heard. By nurturing an inclusive workplace, we strive to create an environment where Mployees feel they can express themselves, and where everyone is valued.

Our Focus Areas

We are striving to:

  • Expand employment opportunities to a broad range of candidates to achieve a more diverse workforce that reflects our global company.
  • Integrate diverse perspectives to produce more effective, innovative and creative outputs.
  • Prioritize DEI initiatives that support our workforce in achieving their current and future goals.

M. Holland is proud to be involved with the following organizations:

Our Experts

Kristy Jones

Manager, Learning and Organization Development

John Paul Massi

Mployee Experience Specialist

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