Along with years of professional experience, our leaders bring a true passion for leading M. Holland to continued growth and prosperity.

Edward J. Holland

President & CEO

Marc Fern

Executive Vice President, Commercial

Patrick G. McKune

Chief Financial Officer

Dwight D. Morgan

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Nick Chodorow

Chief Innovation Officer

M. Holland Leadership Lisa Kaplan

Lisa Kaplan

Executive Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning

Joe Halsey

Vice President, Client Experience

Patty Berman

Vice President, Human Resources

Stephen S. Armstrong

Vice President, International Resale

Dave Franco

Vice President, Resale Business Unit

Jen Riley

Vice President, International

M. Holland Leadership Jon Walsh

Jon Walsh

Vice President, Finance

M. Holland Leadership Monica Christler

Monica Christler

Director, Distribution Sales

Tracy Coifman

Director, International

Tracy Conrady

Corporate Controller

Tara L. Cutaia

Director, Client Experience

M. Holland Leadership Mike Foldvary

Michael Foldvary

Director, Distribution Sourcing

M. Holland Leadership Susan Fattore

Susan Fattore

Director of Credit

Ton Koenders

Director of Sales, Europe

M. Holland Frank LaRocque

Frank LaRocque

Director, Resale Sales

Suky Lawlor

Director, Marketing & Communications

M. Holland Tim Migler Director

Tim Migler

Director, Innovation and Technology

Peter Prusak

Director, Business Development

Dawn Revord

Director, Commercial Operations

Ankur Singal

Director, Planning & Delivery

Samantha Stone

Director, Distribution Sales

Todd Waddle

Director, Wire and Cable

Roland L. Wilson

Director, Logistics

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