M. Holland is more than a plastics distributor. We are your trusted partner in providing real-world solutions that help you achieve your business goals. Between a best-in-class sales team, industry-leading technical and regulatory expertise, and an extensive network of world-class suppliers, we bring you the latest in resin and materials solutions for any application.

Using our in-house lab capabilities, our team can help you identify the right materials for your application, conduct performance testing, failure analysis, and more. And, with a global product line card that has more depth and breadth than any in our industry, you’ll benefit from more options and the expertise to help you choose the right ones.

M. Holland is an established, privately held company, which means we have the agility to give our partners a level of flexibility and creativity that few other organizations can match. We help suppliers capture a higher share of the market, while aiding our clients in support of their material needs.

Our “white-glove approach” to client service also sets us apart. From dedicated teams and leading-edge technology to an ever-expanding array of products, M. Holland is focused on deepening our strategic partnerships and keeping suppliers and clients at the forefront of industry trends.

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Michael Foldvary

Vice President, Distribution

Ted Bonner

Director, Distribution Sales

Keith Carlson

Director, Polypropylene & Polystyrene Sourcing

Christian Hopson

Director, ETPs Sourcing

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