Delivering a sustainable future.

At M. Holland, we believe the future of plastics is symbiotic with sustainability: we cannot make progress toward a more sustainable world without plastics, and our industry cannot progress without a concerted focus on environmental responsibility.

We also recognize our unique position to deliver on our commitment to protect the planet and contribute to a circular economy, which is why we’ve launched several new sustainability initiatives, including new product offerings, formalized goals, as well as sustainability consulting services.

Empowering sustainable development and innovation.

We take an active role in the development of emerging sustainability innovations and continuously look for areas within our business and the market to drive further environmental advancements.

Video: Plastics, the Circular Economy and Creating a More Sustainable World

Working toward sustainability and a circular plastics economy is a collective effort, which is why M. Holland is joining like-minded organizations and associations to unlock solutions and progress.

M. Holland is proud to be a member of the following organizations:

Operation Clean Sweep
Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Our Experts

Peter Prusak

Vice President, Business Development & Sustainability

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