M. Holland tracks supply and demand in the plastics market, helping improve the flow of material. We act as stewards of suppliers’ products so that our clients enjoy steady, reliable access to them.

Our Resale Team builds deep relationships with decision-makers on both the buy and sell sides. We bring a high-touch approach to every relationship, with a strong commitment to anticipatory service, fast delivery, rapid response to inquiries, and ethical business practices.

Ultimately, our Resale Group stands apart by offering a unique combination: superior industry expertise, top-notch service, and the stability of an established, privately held company. We know how important reliable supply is—so even as markets fluctuate, we go the extra mile to give organizations peace of mind.

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Frank LaRocque

Vice President, Global Sourcing, Polyethylene

Tim Costigan

Director, Polyethylene Sourcing

Scott Rutherford

Director, Resale Sales

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