M. Holland is proud to be a global company, providing a full range of products, services, and support to numerous countries beyond the United States. We provide plastic solutions and technical service capabilities throughout Latin America, and export to more than 50 countries.

Suppliers and clients in these regions value our expertise in international logistics and trade compliance. We remove barriers to commerce so our partners can focus on their core business.

Our MtegrityTM brand is available in many international markets, providing levels of ratability and consistency above and beyond other available plastic resins.

Many of our international stakeholders are family-held organizations—just like us. They appreciate our dedication to core values, ethical practices, professional standards, and personal relationships. In the years ahead, we’ll continue working to build reliable and responsible channels across a wider footprint, deepening our connections with specialty companies and helping international organizations scale their businesses.

Americas &
Latin America

Europe, The Middle East
& Africa

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Stephen S. Armstrong

Vice President, International Resale

Jen Riley

Vice President, International

Tracy Coifman

Director, International

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