Explore The Legacy 65 Years In The Making

1950 M. Holland is Founded

1962 A New Plant is Built in Northlake, IL

1967 Company Changes From Compounder To Distribution & Reselling

1988 100 Million Pounds In Sales Reached

1990 M. Holland Purchases a 160,000 Square Foot Warehouse

1992 Film Group is Created

1994 Ed Holland is Named President & CEO

2003 M. Holland Obtains ISO Certification

2003 532 Million Pounds In Sales Reached

2004 Company Expands Into Canada And Forms M. Holland Canada Co.

2007 6 Distribution Regions Are Created In North America

2010 Distribution & Trading Groups Created

2012 M. Holland Acquires Christler Chemical + Plastics

2014 Over 1 Billion Pounds In Sales Reached

2015 Created a Partnership with Grupo Solquim in Mexico

2017 M. Holland Latinoamérica opens new terminal & headquarters near Mexico City, Mexico

2017 M. Holland Acquires T&T Marketing, Inc.