M. Holland's 2024 Plastics Industry Trends & Predictions

The plastics industry knows to prepare for the unexpected. Peter Prusak, Vice President, Business Development & Sustainability at M. Holland, sat down with experts representing the Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Healthcare, Packaging, Rotational Molding, Sustainability, and Wire & Cable markets to discuss plastics industry trends and their advice for 2024. Complete the form to uncover valuable insights that will set you up for success in the new year.

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What plastics industry trends will help manufacturers the most in 2024?
Changing our thinking as an industry to encompass the “whole package” beyond individual parts will increase the likelihood of material capture for recycling and the volume of recyclable material available. This approach will help manufacturers make meaningful strides toward sustainability goals in 2024.
Lindy Holland
Market Manager, Packaging
What are your tips for resin purchasing in 2024?
Successful molders rely on established, long-term, ratable supply partnerships with their resin distributor to forecast material needs. A distribution partner can also help you take advantage of railcar pricing by using logistics and distribution capabilities to send truckloads as needed after purchase.
Bill Christian
Product Manager, Rotational Molding
What sets your most successful customers apart?
Incorporating sustainable polymers into products is not necessarily a straightforward process. As brands continue to demand more sustainable products, converters who understand OEM sustainability objectives, evolving legislation and the types of sustainable polymers available in today’s market will be able to offer these solutions proactively.
Peter Prusak
Vice President, Business Development & Sustainability
What plastics industry advice would you give to kick off 2024?
Start working on alternate approvals before they are needed. With new sustainability regulations popping up across the globe and continued fears about supply chain uncertainty, alternate materials keep your line resilient.
Grant Pryde
Strategic Account Manager, Electrical & Electronics
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