Wire & Cable

Manufacturers of wire and cable products have unique and complex material requirements. M. Holland offers a wide variety of plastic compounds, gels, tapes, and copper conductors to meet the industry’s diversified needs, allowing us to be a single-source supplier.

Beyond the distribution of materials, we offer expert compounding capabilities to match our clients’ specifications. We also provide a range of testing and application development services at our dedicated M. Holland Technical Services Laboratory. And because our materials ship from seven strategically located warehouses throughout North America, we help keep the wire and cable distributor supply chain reliable.

Wire & Cable Customer Service: 800-608-1577

Technical Service Hotline: 336-500-1411

Wire & Cable Products

Westlake Global Compounds
BASF Corp. Monomers
Westlake Global Compounds
Covestro - PUR
Covestro - PUR
M. Holland

US and Latin America

Texin® 993A
Texin® RxS292
Texin® RxT76D
Texin® 245DR
Texin® 260DE
Texin® 285ABF
Texin® 288ALW
Texin® 290AE
Texin® 292AE
Texin® 385A
Texin® 385AE
Texin® 392A
Texin® 393AE
Texin® 470AU
Texin® 490A
Texin® 570D
Texin® RxS285
Texin® RxT50D
Texin® RxT65D
Texin® RxT70A
Texin® RxT85A
Texin® RxT90A
Texin® 575D
Texin® 770A
Texin® 780A
Texin® 785A
Texin® 790A
Texin® 8280D
Texin® 8955DE
Texin® 8990AE
Texin® 965D
Texin® 976D
Texin® 983A
Texin® 983AU
Texin® 985AR
Texin® 992A
Desmopan® 9852D
Desmopan® 9852D GMP
Desmopan® 3059D DPS 066
Texin® 245D
Texin® 250DE
Texin® 255D
Texin® 260D
Texin® 270D
Texin® 285A
Texin® 945DU
Texin® 950DU
Texin® 950D
Texin® 970DU
Texin® 985AU
Texin® 985A
Texin® 990AR
Texin® 990A
Texin® 288A
Texin® 950DLW
Texin® 987AU
Desmopan® 2786A GMP
Desmopan® 2786A GMP 045
Desmopan® 2790A GMP 045
Desmopan® 2792A GMP
Desmopan® 3055DU
Desmopan® 3060A
Desmopan® 3395A
Desmopan® 3485A
Desmopan® 3860D
Desmopan® 3864D
Desmopan® 392
Desmopan® 453
Desmopan® 588 L
Desmopan® 6580A MVT GMP
Desmopan® 89785A
Desmopan® 9365D GMP
Desmopan® 9370A GMP
Desmopan® 9380A GMP
Desmopan® 9385A GMP
Desmopan® 9392A GMP
Desmopan® 3378A
Desmopan® 89043D
Desmopan® 9365D
Desmopan® 3055D - DPS066
Desmopan® 6064A
Desmopan® 6072A
Desmopan® 6080A
Desmopan® 6590A MVT
Desmopan® 3392A
Desmopan® 9392A
Desmopan® 9852DU
Desmopan® 9885DU
Desmopan® 9880DU
Desmopan® 3856D
Desmopan® 6088A
Desmopan® 6088AU
Desmopan® 2384A GMP
Desmopan® 2586A GMP
Desmopan® 2587A GMP
Desmopan® 2590A GMP
Desmopan® 9665DU
Desmopan® 85786A
Desmopan® 85085A DPS 055
Desmopan® 453 DPS 041
Desmopan® 1080AU
Desmopan® 3360A
Desmopan® 9855DU
Desmopan® 9864DU
Desmopan® 9868DU
Desmopan® 9873DU
Desmopan® 1085A
Desmopan® 1092A
Desmopan® 9648DU
Desmopan® 3360A DPS 061
Desmopan® 2587A
Desmopan® 1045D
Desmopan® 1050D
Desmopan® 9385 A
Desmopan® 487 DPS 062
Desmopan® 2384A
Desmopan® 2790A DPS 045
Desmopan® 2792A
Desmopan® 3055D
Desmopan® 3059D
Desmopan® 3065D
Desmopan® 3072D
Desmopan® 3491A
Desmopan® 3660DU
Desmopan® 3690AU
Desmopan® 5080A
Desmopan® 9095AU
Desmopan® 9370AU
Desmopan® 9380A
Desmopan® 9380AU
Desmopan® 9386A
Desmopan® 9392AU
Desmopan® 9395AU
Desmopan® 9650DU
Desmopan® 9659DU
Desmopan® 9662DU
Desmopan® 385 S
Desmopan® 481
Desmopan® 795 U
Desmopan® 790
Desmopan® 786 S
Desmopan® 786 E
Desmopan® 385 E
Desmopan® 445
Desmopan® 588 E
Desmopan® 9370A
Desmopan® 1350D
Desmopan® 3385A
Desmopan® 5377A
Desmopan® 1080A
Desmopan® 1485A
Desmopan® 1490A
Desmopan® 2586A
Desmopan® 2590A
Desmopan® 2786A
Desmopan® 2786A DPS 045
Desmopan® 192
Desmopan® 460
Desmopan® 487
Elastron® V V251.A75.B
Elastron® V V206.A60.B
Elastron® V V206.A70.B
Elastron® V V206.D40.B
Elastron® V V206.D51.B
Elastron® V V206.D60.B
Elastron® V V201.A45.N
Elastron® V V201.A45.B
Elastron® V V341.A55.B
Elastron® V V341.A65.B
Elastron® V V341.A75.B
Elastron® V V100.D40.902
Elastron® V V251.A90.B
Elastron® V V251.D40.B
Elastron® V V251.D51.B
Elastron® V V100.A75.N
Elastron® V V100.A75.B
Elastron® V V100.D55.N
Elastron® V V100.D55.B
Elastron® V V103.A60.N
Elastron® V V103.A60.B
Elastron® V V103.A65.N
Elastron® V V103.A65.B
Elastron® V V103.A70.N
Elastron® V V103.A70.B
Elastron® V P.V101.A64.N
Elastron® V P.V101.A64.B
Elastron® V P.V101.D40.N
Elastron® V P.V101.D40.B
Elastron® V V601.A65.B
Elastron® V V250.A59.B
Elastron® V V250.A64.B
Elastron® V V250.A74.B
Elastron® V V251.A57.B
Elastron® V V251.A67.B
Elastron® V V201.D51.N
Elastron® V V601.A65.N
Elastron® V V601.A95.B
Elastron® V V601.A95.N
Elastron® V V601.A93.B
Elastron® V V601.A93.N
Elastron® V V201.A41.N
Elastron® V V201.A41.B
Elastron® V V201.A59.N
Elastron® V V201.A59.B
Elastron® V V201.A70.N
Elastron® V V201.A70.B
Elastron® V V201.A75.N
Elastron® V V201.A75.B
Elastron® V V201.A80.N
Elastron® V V201.A80.B
Elastron® V V201.A83.N
Elastron® V V201.A83.B
Elastron® V V100.A70.N
Elastron® V V100.A70.B
Elastron® V P.V101.A50.B
Elastron® V P.V101.A50.N
Elastron® V P.V101.A55.B
Elastron® V P.V101.A55.N
Elastron® V P.V101.A70.B
Elastron® V P.V101.A70.N
Elastron® V P.V101.A80.B
Elastron® V P.V101.A80.N
Elastron® V P.V101.A90.B
Elastron® V P.V101.A90.N
Elastron® V V101.A55.B
Elastron® V V201.A56.B
Elastron® V V201.A56.N
Elastron® V V201.A87.B
Elastron® V V201.A87.N
Elastron® V V201.A90.B
Elastron® V V201.A90.N
Elastron® V V201.D40.B
Elastron® V V201.D40.N
Elastron® V V201.D51.B
Elastron® V V101.A72.B
Elastron® V V101.A72.N
Elastron® V V101.A79.B
Elastron® V V101.A79.N
Elastron® V V101.A86.B
Elastron® V V101.A86.N
Elastron® V V101.A90.B
Elastron® V V101.A90.N
Elastron® V V101.D35.B
Elastron® V V101.D35.N
Elastron® V V101.D40.B
Elastron® V V101.D40.N
Elastron® V V101.D51.B
Elastron® V V101.D51.N
Elastron® V P.V101.A30.B
Elastron® V P.V101.A30.N
Elastron® V P.V101.A40.B
Elastron® V P.V101.A40.N
Elastron® V P.V101.A45.B
Elastron® V P.V101.A45.N
Elastron® V V100.A65.N
Elastron® V V100.A85.B
Elastron® V V100.A85.N
Elastron® V V100.D40.B
Elastron® V V100.D40.N
Elastron® V V201.A65.B
Elastron® V V201.A65.N
Elastron® V P.V101.A60.B
Elastron® V P.V101.A60.N
Elastron® V V101.A35.B
Elastron® V V101.A35.N
Elastron® V V101.A47.B
Elastron® V V101.A47.N
Elastron® V V101.A50.B
Elastron® V V101.A50.N
Elastron® V V101.A55.N
Elastron® V V101.A60.B
Elastron® V V101.A60.N
Elastron® V V101.A65.B
Elastron® V V101.A65.N
Elastron® TPO T400.A70.N
Elastron® TPO T401.D32.B
Elastron® TPO T401.D32.N
Elastron® TPO T401.D51.B
Elastron® TPO T401.D51.N
Elastron® V V601.A60.B
Elastron® V V601.A60.N
Elastron® V V601.A70.B
Elastron® V V601.A70.N
Elastron® V V601.A80.B
Elastron® V V601.A80.N
Elastron® V V601.A90.B
Elastron® V V601.A90.N
Elastron® V V100.A50.B
Elastron® V V100.A50.N
Elastron® V V100.A55.B
Elastron® V V100.A55.N
Elastron® V V100.A60.B
Elastron® V V100.A60.N
Elastron® V V100.A65.B
Elastron® G F.G100.A75.B
Elastron® G F.G100.A80.N
Elastron® G F.G100.A80.B
Elastron® G F.G400.A60.N
Elastron® G F.G400.A60.B
Elastron® G F.G400.A70.N
Elastron® G F.G400.A70.B
Elastron® G F.G400.A80.N
Elastron® G F.G400.A80.B
Elastron® G F.G401.A25.N
Elastron® G F.G401.A25.B
Elastron® G F.G401.A40.N
Elastron® G F.G401.A40.B
Elastron® G F.G401.A55.N
Elastron® G F.G401.A55.B
Elastron® TPO T100.D43.B
Elastron® TPO T100.D43.N
Elastron® TPO T100.D60.B
Elastron® TPO T100.D60.N
Elastron® TPO T400.A70.B
Elastron® G G510.A70.B.ABS
Elastron® G G510.A80.N.ABS
Elastron® G G510.A80.B.ABS
Elastron® G P.G400.A65.N
Elastron® G P.G400.A65.B
Elastron® G F.G100.A40.N
Elastron® G F.G100.A40.B
Elastron® G F.G100.A45.B
Elastron® G F.G100.A45.N
Elastron® G F.G100.A50.N
Elastron® G F.G100.A50.B
Elastron® G F.G100.A55.N
Elastron® G F.G100.A55.B
Elastron® G F.G100.A60.N
Elastron® G F.G100.A60.B
Elastron® G F.G100.A65.N
Elastron® G F.G100.A65.B
Elastron® G F.G100.A70.N
Elastron® G F.G100.A70.B
Elastron® G F.G100.A75.N
Elastron® G G400.A75.B
Elastron® G G400.A75.N
Elastron® G G401.A65.B
Elastron® G G401.A82.N
Elastron® G G401.A82.B
Elastron® G G400.A85.T
Elastron® G G500.A30.N.ABS
Elastron® G G500.A30.B.ABS
Elastron® G F.G500.A40.N.ABS
Elastron® G F.G500.A50.N.ABS
Elastron® G F.G500.A60.N.ABS
Elastron® G F.G500.A70.N.ABS
Elastron® G F.G500.A80.N.ABS
Elastron® G G510.A40.B.ABS
Elastron® G G510.A40.N.ABS
Elastron® G G510.A50.N.ABS
Elastron® G G510.A50.B.ABS
Elastron® G G510.A60.B.ABS
Elastron® G G510.A60.N.ABS
Elastron® G G510.A70.N.ABS
Elastron® G G301.A75.B
Elastron® G G301.A75.N
Elastron® G G601.A90.B
Elastron® G G601.A90.N
Elastron® G G601.A92.B
Elastron® G G100.A30.N
Elastron® G G100.A30.B
Elastron® G G100.A21.N
Elastron® G G100.A21.B
Elastron® G G200.A50.N
Elastron® G G200.A50.B
Elastron® G G250.A59.B
Elastron® G G250.A65.B
Elastron® G G103.A69.B
Elastron® G G103.A79.B
Elastron® G G300.A40.N
Elastron® G G300.A40.B
Elastron® G G301.A90.N
Elastron® G G301.A90.B
Elastron® G G401.A65.N
Elastron® G G500.A80.N.PA
Elastron® G P.G401.A30.B
Elastron® G P.G401.A30.N
Elastron® G P.G401.A40.B
Elastron® G P.G401.A40.N
Elastron® G P.G401.A50.B
Elastron® G P.G401.A50.N
Elastron® G P.G401.A55.B
Elastron® G P.G401.A55.N
Elastron® G P.G401.A70.B
Elastron® G P.G401.A70.N
Elastron® G P.G401.A80.B
Elastron® G P.G401.A80.N
Elastron® G P.G401.A90.B
Elastron® G P.G401.A90.N
Elastron® G G103.A60.B
Elastron® G G103.A60.N
Elastron® G G103.A63.B
Elastron® G G301.A45.B
Elastron® G G301.A45.N
Elastron® G G500.A40.B.PA
Elastron® G G500.A40.N.ABS
Elastron® G G500.A40.N.PA
Elastron® G G500.A50.B.ABS
Elastron® G G500.A50.B.PA
Elastron® G G500.A50.N.ABS
Elastron® G G500.A50.N.PA
Elastron® G G500.A55.B.PA
Elastron® G G500.A55.N.PA
Elastron® G G500.A60.B.ABS
Elastron® G G500.A60.B.PA
Elastron® G G500.A60.N.ABS
Elastron® G G500.A60.N.PA
Elastron® G G500.A70.B.ABS
Elastron® G G500.A70.B.PA
Elastron® G G500.A70.N.ABS
Elastron® G G500.A70.N.PA
Elastron® G G500.A80.B.ABS
Elastron® G G500.A80.B.PA
Elastron® G G500.A80.N.ABS
Elastron® G G400.A50.N
Elastron® G G400.A65.B
Elastron® G G400.A65.N
Elastron® G G400.A70.B
Elastron® G G400.A70.N
Elastron® G G400.A80.B
Elastron® G G400.A80.N
Elastron® G G400.A90.B
Elastron® G G400.A90.N
Elastron® G G400.D40.B
Elastron® G G400.D40.N
Elastron® G G401.A40.T
Elastron® G G400.A30.T
Elastron® G G400.A52.T
Elastron® G G400.A60.T
Elastron® G G500.A23.B.PA
Elastron® G G500.A23.N.PA
Elastron® G G500.A30.B.PA
Elastron® G G500.A30.N.PA
Elastron® G G500.A40.B.ABS
Elastron® G G100.A80.N
Elastron® G G100.A85.B
Elastron® G G100.A85.N
Elastron® G G100.A90.B
Elastron® G G100.A90.N
Elastron® G G100.D35.B
Elastron® G G100.D35.N
Elastron® G G100.D43.B
Elastron® G G100.D43.N
Elastron® G G401.A55.B
Elastron® G G401.A55.N
Elastron® G G401.A75.B
Elastron® G G401.A75.N
Elastron® G G400.A12.B
Elastron® G G400.A12.N
Elastron® G G400.A22.B
Elastron® G G400.A22.N
Elastron® G G400.A40.B
Elastron® G G400.A40.N
Elastron® G G400.A50.B
Elastron® G G101.A73.N
Elastron® G G101.A83.B
Elastron® G G101.A83.N
Elastron® G G101.A90.B
Elastron® G G101.A90.N
Elastron® G G100.A40.B
Elastron® G G100.A40.N
Elastron® G G100.A50.B
Elastron® G G100.A50.N
Elastron® G G100.A55.B
Elastron® G G100.A55.N
Elastron® G G100.A60.B
Elastron® G G100.A60.N
Elastron® G G100.A65.B
Elastron® G G100.A65.N
Elastron® G G100.A70.B
Elastron® G G100.A70.N
Elastron® G G100.A75.B
Elastron® G G100.A75.N
Elastron® G G100.A80.B
Elastron® G G300.A36.N
Elastron® G G300.A50.B
Elastron® G G300.A50.N
Elastron® G G300.A55.B
Elastron® G G300.A55.N
Elastron® G G300.A75.B
Elastron® G G300.A75.N
Elastron® G G300.A85.B
Elastron® G G300.A85.N
Elastron® G G101.A30.B
Elastron® G G101.A30.N
Elastron® G G101.A45.B
Elastron® G G101.A45.N
Elastron® G G101.A50.B
Elastron® G G101.A50.N
Elastron® G G101.A58.B
Elastron® G G101.A58.N
Elastron® G G101.A65.B
Elastron® G G101.A65.N
Elastron® G G101.A73.B
Elastron® G G501.A60.B.PS
Elastron® G G501.A60.N.PS
Elastron® G G601.A45.B
Elastron® G G601.A45.N
Elastron® G G601.A60.B
Elastron® G G601.A60.N
Elastron® G G601.A70.B
Elastron® G G601.A70.N
Elastron® G G601.A80.B
Elastron® G G601.A80.N
Elastron® G G601.A92.N
Elastron® G G601.A95.B
Elastron® G G601.A95.N
Elastron® G P.G401.A45.B
Elastron® G P.G401.A45.N
Elastron® G P.G401.A60.B
Elastron® G P.G401.A60.N
Elastron® G G301.A65.B
Elastron® G G301.A65.N
Elastron® G G300.A36.B
Elastron® D D100.A50.B
Elastron® D D100.A50.N
Elastron® D D100.A75.B
Elastron® D D100.A75.N
Elastron® D D500.A45.N.PS
Elastron® D D500.A45.B.PS
Elastron® D D500.A65.N.PS
Elastron® D D500.A65.B.PS
Elastron® G G200.A70.B
Elastron® G G200.A70.N
Elastron® G G201.A60.B
Elastron® G G201.A60.N
Elastron® G G201.A67.B
Elastron® G G201.A67.N
Elastron® G G500.A45.B.PS
Elastron® G G500.A45.N.PS
Elastron® G G500.A75.B.PS
Elastron® G G500.A75.N.PS
Elastron® G G501.A50.B.PS
Elastron® G G501.A50.N.PS
Elastron® D D300.A90.B
Elastron® D D300.A90.N
Elastron® D D100.A65.B
Elastron® D D100.A65.N
Elastron® D D100.A72.B
Elastron® D D100.A72.N
Elastron® D D101.A63.B
Elastron® D D101.A63.N
Elastron® D D101.A83.B
Elastron® D D101.A83.N
Elastron® D D101.A90.B
Elastron® D D101.A90.N
Elastron® D D400.A30.B
Elastron® D D400.A30.N
Elastron® D D400.A53.N
Elastron® D D400.D35.B
Elastron® D D400.D35.N
Elastron® D D400.A53.B
Elastron® D D100.A40.B
Elastron® D D100.A40.N
Elastron® D D103.A50.N
Elastron® D D103.A60.N
Elastron® D D300.A80.B
Elastron® D D300.A80.N
Westlake PVC 16782
Westlake PVC 17870
Westlake PVC 18780
Westlake PVC 19481
Westlake PVC 19920
Westlake PVC 19921
Westlake PVC 21572
Westlake PVC 59770
Westlake PVC 12871
Westlake PVC 16903
Westlake PVC 19463
Westlake PVC 12842
Westlake PVC 4125-52
Westlake PVC 16905
Westlake PVC 4441
Westlake PVC 12880
Westlake PVC 16881
Westlake PVC 22851
Westlake PVC 22912
Westlake PVC 8862
Westlake PVC 38511
Westlake PVC 67441
Westlake PVC 68141
Westlake PVC 69148
Westlake PVC 12792
Westlake PVC 10641
Westlake PVC 19732
Westlake PVC 4501
Westlake PVC 4520
Westlake PVC 12840
Westlake PVC 13820
Westlake PVC 13871
Westlake PVC 13872
Westlake PVC 15642
Westlake LDPE EC472
Westlake LDPE EC4041AA
Westlake LDPE EC479AA
Westlake LDPE EC474AA
Westlake LDPE EC4042AA
Westlake LDPE EC850AA
Westlake LDPE EC476AA
Westlake LDPE EC477AA
Westlake LDPE EC4056AA
Westlake LDPE EF796
Westlake LDPE EN1807AA
Westlake LDPE EF706AA
Westlake LLDPE LF1020
Westlake LLDPE LF1040
Westlake LLDPE LF2010
Westlake LLDPE LF2020
Westlake LLDPE LF1050
Westlake LLDPE LF2018
Westlake MDPE EB171
Westlake PVC 4425
Westlake LDPE EF403
Westlake LDPE EF412
Westlake LDPE EF601
Westlake LDPE EF602
Westlake LDPE EF603
Westlake LDPE EF606
Westlake LDPE EF310
Westlake LDPE EF311
Westlake LDPE EF378
Westlake LDPE EF608
Westlake LDPE EF677
Westlake LDPE EM812AA
Westlake LDPE EM182AA
Westlake LDPE EF1807
Westlake LDPE EN1817AA
Westlake LDPE EF923
Westlake LDPE EP413
Westlake LDPE EC1550
Westlake LDPE EC478AA
Westlake LDPE EC800AA
HIFOR® LT74105
HIFOR® LT74113
HIFOR® LT74119
HIFOR® LT74147
HIFOR® LT74151
Westlake LDPE EM800AA
Westlake LDPE EM811AA
Westlake LDPE EM1550
Westlake LDPE EM1870AA
Westlake LDPE EM808AA
Westlake LDPE EC811AA
Westlake LDPE EC808AA
Westlake LDPE EC1390AA
Westlake LDPE EC1924AA
Westlake LDPE EC812AA
HIFOR Clear® SC74558
HIFOR Xtreme® SC74844
HIFOR Xtreme® SC74853
HIFOR Xtreme® SC74858
HIFOR Xtreme® SC74875
HIFOR® LT74104
EBAC® SP1802
EBAC® SP1806

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Todd Waddle

Director, Wire and Cable

Thorne Bartlett

Business Development, Wire & Cable

M. Holland Wire And Cable Steve Pinnix

Steve Pinnix

Senior Technical Service Engineer

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