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We are proud to partner with world-class suppliers for your commodity and engineering thermoplastic resin needs. Our robust line card covers a broad range of materials to fit every application, manufacturing process and market. Our goal is to be the channel connecting leading material producers with plastic processors through North, Central and South America.
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Branded Prime & Mtegrity™ Comparison

As an authorized distributor, M. Holland Company sells all branded prime material under the resin nomenclature and specifications of the manufacturer. All regulatory and certification documents accompanying the branded prime resin will be provided on the manufacturer’s letterhead. Mtegrity™ generic prime resin is a certified producer prime resin. Generic prime material will be represented under M. Holland Company’s nomenclature.

Branded Prime

  • Identifies producer’s grade
  • Single resin grade
  • Tight specification range
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • Producer’s technical data sheet
  • Full producer certifications
  • FDA compliance letters
  • Full regulatory documentation

Plastic Resin Distributor Mtegrity Logo

  • Mtegrity™ grade
  • Similar grades from different producers
  • Slightly broader specification range to accommodate several approved grades
  • Within-lot consistency
  • Mtegrity™ technical data sheet
  • Mtegrity™ certifications
  • FDA compliance on MHC letterhead
  • No regulatory documentation
    (e.g. UL, NSF, DMF, USP, REACH, etc)

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