Our Vision

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Same M. Holland Relationship, Better Experience

Like the plastics industry, which is undergoing a dramatic transformation with the advent of new technologies and low cost energy, we are undergoing our own transformation from regional distributor to international leader. We are pioneering the adoption of digital technology, creating a borderless international business, applying innovative marketing and adopting enlightened management approaches. All the while, we remain committed to our Core Values and strengthened personal relationships.

We Take Plastics Personally

To be consistent in our strategic journey, we are introducing a new look and feel to the M. Holland brand—one that ushers us into a new era of connectedness. While our new look leads our new digital and strategic initiatives, our reputation for building great relationships stays the same. We take plastics personally, and will continue to provide the same outstanding service we’re known for while we invest in tools that enhance the experience and strengthen our relationships with suppliers and customers.

Why The Change?

Instead of allowing technology to change our business, we’re driving innovation ourselves, starting with the customer and supplier experience. At M. Holland, we’ve always valued excellent customer service and have prioritized personal, helpful, and smart relationships with our suppliers, customers and Mployees. Innovation, with technology and beyond, is at the core of our new business initiatives and services.

We treat the distribution of plastic resin seriously for the suppliers and customers we serve.

Because these relationships form the core of our heritage and identity, our experts take pride in the impact they deliver every day.

This work is beyond business
for us - it’s personal.