M. Holland Credit Analyst Melissa Rivera has always been passionate about working in the field of credit. Since graduating from Eastern Illinois University in 2009 with degrees in Spanish and Business Administration, she has held various roles in credit and collections. In 2013 Melissa joined M. Holland. “I really enjoy the different challenges and responsibilities the job brings,” Melissa commented.

M Holland Credit Analyst Melissa Rivera

Recently selected as an Elite Member of the Chicago Chapter of the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), Melissa looks forward to her future in the credit field and with M. Holland. Over the next year, Melissa will serve as an ambassador for the Chicago Chapter. She will attend numerous events and work to increase the association’s membership. “I was excited when I heard I was chosen. It’s such an honor for M. Holland and I to be recognized by the association,” Melissa commented.

Her tenure officially begins on April 1. Melissa joins the exclusive group with three other young credit professionals. The interviews were conducted over several hours. The Executive Board and others conducted several rounds of interviews, where Melissa met with interviewers for 30 minutes each.

NACM is the premier association for the credit industry and serves as the industry’s voice on Capitol Hill for several issues, including bankruptcy reform and legislation. During her time as an elite member, Melissa hopes to help the association engage young, up-and-coming credit professionals and encourage them to join NACM. “I am looking forward to bouncing some of my recruitment ideas off of other members. I’ve always been fascinated by credit, I hope to pass on some of my passion,” Melissa commented.

Melissa’s manager, Director of Credit Mark Hanley commented, “I was very proud of Melissa when I heard she had been selected. I knew the interviewing process could be intimidating as the panel is made up of many of the top credit managers in the Chicago area. The panel was looking for well-rounded business people—not just numbers people. Melissa truly fits that profile.”

As someone who has been in the credit field for most of his career, Mark sees a future credit leader in Melissa. “Melissa listens attentively before jumping in. She asks pertinent questions, offers a number of options to solve problems and continually checks for understanding. She has a keen eye for detail.”

While still early in her career, Melissa hopes to continue to climb the ladder in the credit field. “I have a lot to learn.” Melissa stated. “I know with NACM and M. Holland together my future is very bright.”