January 3, 2017 • Posted in Market Insights

Gearing Up for “Plastics in Automotive” Trade Show in Detroit

M. Holland Automotive revs up its exposure in the automotive industry when it attends the Plastics in Automotive show in Detroit January 9-10, 2017. John Zessin, managing director of M. Holland Automotive, will be there along with current and potential customers, suppliers, distributors, the news media and others.

He is giving a presentation on plastics and supply chain that explores how the technical approach has shifted over the past 10 years. What once was managed by the large resin producers – projects like development, material solutions, part design critiques, tool tryouts, and so on – is now being handled by distribution companies.

“When I was at Dow Auto in 2002, there were 65 people dedicated to plastics,” Zessin said. “Today, there are 2 people supporting the plastic business. My talk will take a closer look at the enhanced role distribution plays today in the automotive plastics supply chain.”

He’s introducing the M. Holland Automotive brand to an industry where he has worked for decades. Meanwhile, he’s working to reduce the complexity of conducting business in a market that is new to M. Holland.

“Customers appreciate that we can provide nearly every product they require in their operations,” Zessin said. “They also like that we can help them make more informed choices of the proper material to be used in applications, as we have more options to provide than a single producer supplier would have.”

Zessin has spoken at numerous conferences and events over the course of his career with Dow, Bayer and Monsanto.

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