Plastics Reflections Web Series: 2021 Drivers and Trends for the North American Plastics Market

February 19, 2021 • Posted in Market Insights, Webinars

In our first episode of the M. Holland Plastics Reflections Series, Andrew Reynolds, Director at global plastics consultancy, Business Publishing International (BPI), discusses market drivers and key events of 2020 that will impact the North American plastics industry in 2021.

Our panelists discuss how 2020 changed cultural perceptions of the plastics industry, how end-use markets can respond to changing material demand, and how companies can make difficult decisions amidst uncertainty to grow and drive profit for the coming years:

  • Ray Hufnagel, President and CEO, Plastic Express
  • Frank LaRocque, Director of Resale Sales, M. Holland
  • Mike Foldvary, Director of Distribution Sourcing, M. Holland

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