November 3, 2020 • Posted in News, Webinars

Positive Disruption: Identifying Recruiting Opportunities in Challenging Times

Recruiting the right talent can be a challenge in the best of times, but when grappling with a global pandemic, it has gotten more complicated. Yet, despite these challenges, there have arisen new opportunities that will allow agile recruiters to identify and attract the right candidates.

During MAPP’s Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference 2020, Greg Watkins, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition & Development for M. Holland, reviewed the foundations of recruiting that remain constant despite challenging times. He also highlighted how disruption has led to innovation to how we recruit and source candidates. And finally, Greg discussed how, despite current challenges, we must keep our on eye recruiting the next generation of plastics professionals.

This webinar was delivered during the Manufacturers Association for Plastic Processors’ Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference 2020.

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M. Holland Positive Disruption Identifying Recruiting Opportunities Webinar
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