Gold Standard Technical Service Reaches Into the Blogosphere

November 21, 2014 • Posted in Technical

Technical Service at M. Holland Company has been an integral part of our Gold Standard approach to customer satisfaction for over twenty years. Our team of experienced Technical Service Engineers (TSE’s) builds long lasting trust with our customers by providing technical consultation in all phases of a project. From conception, part design, tooling advice and material selection through process optimization and troubleshooting M. Holland has unparalleled technical resources to partner with our customers.

Over time our TSE’s have collected and documented many on-site experiences that can now be more broadly shared on M. Holland’s recently launched blog, Pellet Like It Is. In the next weeks and months we will be posting a series of these articles. Topics will include: material handling, black specks, drying, shrinkage, tooling considerations and material selection, to name a few. We will also be archiving these postings so they can be referenced at a later time.

M. Holland’s Technical Service Engineers average over 25 years in the industry and are deployed in each of the six M. Holland sales regions. This regional strategy ensures that we can be on-site at a customer when the need is most timely. Each TSE is supported by M. Holland’s laboratory located at our headquarters in Northlake, Illinois. Capabilities include identifying unknowns (parts or contamination), failure analysis, physical property testing and mold filling simulations to name a few.

If there are other specific topics that you would find interesting, please let us know. We are very proud of our tradition of providing quality technical service in support of our customers and suppliers. Pellet Like It Is creates another opportunity to communicate these efforts more effectively.

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