M. Holland Hosts Hybrid Summer Internship Program

August 31, 2022 • Posted in Culture

At M. Holland, we believe internship programs are crucial to shaping our industry and business. That’s why our student internship program is a key part of a larger commitment to cultivating future plastics professionals. From those interested in polymer science and engineering to supply chain students and aspiring HR professionals, we strive to offer a diverse and robust internship experience each year.

For the second consecutive year, we delivered our 2022 internship program in a hybrid format. Our interns worked both remotely and in-person at our headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois, or at our Technical Innovation Center in Easton, Pennsylvania. We welcomed 15 interns across departments including Strategic Planning, Supply Chain, Finance, Business Development, Talent Acquisition, Marketing and more. From managing forecasting and sustainability reporting to developing updated wellness strategies, our 2022 intern cohort found significant ways to make a lasting impact at M. Holland while developing valuable professional skills and learning about potential career paths in the plastics industry.

M. Holland Summer Interns

What Is it Like to Intern with M. Holland?

We aim to provide the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the plastics industry. M. Holland’s interns can expect to receive hands-on experience in their chosen departments, contributing to business-critical projects and working closely with Mployees to solve real plastics industry challenges. David Cesario, Credit Intern, didn’t know what to expect when he started, but said he was “blown away” by the time and attention he received.

“I had the opportunity to shadow every person in the Credit department, and it was such a valuable experience to be able to learn the business,” David said.

In addition to building knowledge and experience in their chosen fields, our interns also receive access to M. Holland University, a curriculum of more than 200 professional and personal development courses. Sydney Holubow, Quality Assurance Intern, said she built new professional skills through training and development materials.

“Overall, I feel like I have grown so much. I have more skills and have gained confidence in my abilities,” she said. “As a chemical engineering major, I have always wanted to learn more about plastics. Working at M. Holland has opened my eyes to the plastics industry.”

Developing Professional Skills and Ideals

Our interns gained general professional skills, including the importance of communication, asking questions in a corporate environment and exploring new opportunities.

Anish Dipak Jangale, Supply Chain Intern, said the internship demonstrated the importance of networking.

“Interacting with people from other departments and networking with them is really important,” Anish said. “It helps you to understand the whole business from more than one point of view.”

Michael Ruth, another Supply Chain Intern, credited his internship with changing his perspective of what it means to work for a great company.

“During my time at M. Holland, I realized the importance of company culture and values,” Michael said.

By summer’s end, our interns gained deeper understandings of their respective areas of study and refined their future career plans. Many were not familiar with the plastics industry before their internship but agreed that the industry offers exciting opportunities in a wide variety of positions.

Advice to Future Interns

Our 2022 interns offered some advice to help future interns make the most of their M. Holland experience. HR Intern Stephanie Schwartz, for instance, recommends talking to fellow interns and Mployees to get a real idea of the job opportunities available.

“Some of the best conversations I had and pieces of advice I received came from employees who I ran into throughout the office,” Stephanie said. “Hearing from these employees about their love for what they do opens a world of possibilities.”

Carl Luhr, Commercial Operations Intern, advises keeping an open mind when it comes to projects, as even “less exciting” tasks can have a positive impact on the company, industry or your own professional development.

Chloe Bleck, Talent Acquisition Intern, expanded on that idea: “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Ask for assignments to work on or offer your help to the employees in any way you can. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll get a lot out of it for yourself.”

Committed to Professional Development

M. Holland strives to ensure our internship program provides students with valuable experiences and opportunities. In return, we appreciate the fresh perspective they bring to our business. We are proud to continue fostering growth and education for future plastics professionals.

We want to thank each of our 2022 interns for their insights, positive attitude and hard work. We are honored to have played a role in their future success and hope some return after graduation to begin careers with M. Holland.

For more information on what it’s like to work for M. Holland and current career opportunities, please visit: www.mholland.com/careers.

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