M. Holland Expands Resin Portfolio, Forms M. Holland Automotive Group: What’s Next?

September 22, 2015 • Posted in Market Insights

On Friday we announced that M. Holland Company and Polymer Z will be joining together to form the M. Holland Automotive Group. This is a significant step for the future of the M. Holland. Not only is this announcement historic for our organization but it truly demonstrates our dedication to aligning strategically with our key resin suppliers targeting the automotive industry.

M. Holland President and CEO Ed Holland said it best, “This acquisition accelerates our penetration into the automotive market.”

The decision to pursue this acquisition was made in large part because the automotive industry is on the leading edge of expanding the use of plastics. As one of the largest plastic resin distributors in North America, it is only fitting that we are a part of that growth.

Addition to the M. Holland Family

Plastics industry veteran John Zessin, the Founder and President of Polymer Z, will serve as the Managing Director of the M. Holland Automotive Group. John previously held senior roles with Bayer and Dow and is a great partner for us as we enter this very important market.

“This is an ideal match to expand the capabilities of both companies to better service the automotive customer base,” John commented earlier. We are thrilled to have John join the M. Holland family.

M. Holland’s Future as a Leading Resin Distributor

This is shaping up to be an exciting year for M. Holland; the formation of the M. Holland Automotive Group marks our second acquisition announcement of 2015. Earlier this year we formed M. Holland Latinoamerica, a partnership with Mexico distributor Grupo Solquium. The question of whether or not additional acquisitions and partnerships are forthcoming has been asked several times.

While strategic growth initiatives are critical to M. Holland’s long term strategy, our primary focus moving forward will be providing our customers with the best possible products, service and solutions. M. Holland remains committed to building and growing our traditional business.

By forming M. Holland Latinoamerica and the M. Holland Automotive Group, we are truly embracing the need to remain innovative and progressive in today’s global business environment.

If you would like to learn more about M. Holland and the plastic resin solutions we provide, submit a form and an M. Holland representative will follow-up with you.

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