Built To Last: M. Holland’s Growing Family Welcomes T&T Marketing

November 15, 2017 • Posted in Market Insights

This week, M. Holland officially acquired T&T Marketing, a leading distributor of polymer resins and compounds to the wire and cable market. When evaluating a potential acquisition opportunity, cultural fit is paramount in our decision. Our unique culture, reputation, and values have propelled M. Holland to become the industry leader we are today. Our newest partnership is more than just a business win for both companies, it further solidifies our shared commitment to excellence and honors the legacies M. Holland and T&T Marketing have cultivated over many years.

We recently sat down with Tom Jordan, owner and president of T&T Marketing, for a more in-depth look at his company’s values, history, and vast market experience.

One of the central themes throughout this acquisition is that a family-oriented culture and company values are core to both M. Holland and T&T Marketing. What drives the T&T Marketing company culture? How does this play out from day-to-day?
Tom: “Honesty, integrity, respect, loyalty, trust, work ethic, character, passion –the values that M. Holland lays out are also how we conduct ourselves and our business. We take pride in being an ethical company that highly values and respects our employees, suppliers, and customers. Our product is our people and our ability to solve difficult problems—and we live this every day. Our reputation and credibility are essential to us, and just like M. Holland; we’ve led our market by prioritizing these qualities.”

Tell us about the history and founding of T&T Marketing. How did the business get started?
Tom: “My father-in-law, Tony Dolce, started T&T Marketing in 1988 after years of working for BP. He wasn’t quite ready to retire and wanted a new venture. An entrepreneur at heart, he asked BP if he could help sell half a million pounds of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) on the side and the company agreed.

“I offered to help Tony with this project by doing some cold calling—and I loved it. I quickly found myself fully entrenched in the industry and committed to the business we were growing. Soon, we were making more sales calls across the U.S. and North America and bringing on more suppliers and technical experts. Since then, we’ve built strategic locations throughout the U.S. and Canada and currently maintain seven distribution warehouses.”

How did T&T Marketing become a strong leader in the wire and cable market?
Tom: “I attribute T&T’s strength and position in the wire and cable market to Tony’s innate ability to blend personal and technical skills. Tony is a chemist-turned-salesman who spent his entire career in the wire and cable market, with a focus on plastics and manufacturing. With every hire, from administrative to lab roles, we choose people with that same, strong technical background and the ability to establish personal connections with our customers and suppliers.

“Developing this dedicated team has allowed us to earn trust from our customers and credibility in the industry. No customer is taken for granted, regardless of how big the sale or contract may be. In fact, if a customer is unhappy with one of our products, we provide a refund, no questions asked. People know they can depend on us for quality and service, and gaining this trust is how we’ve earned the title of market leader.”

What makes the wire and cable market an attractive investment at this time?
Tom: “The wire and cable market is a specialty area, and specialty products, like polymers, command a good margin. We collaborate with our suppliers to continuously develop new products and stay on the frontlines of innovation, giving us a competitive edge. M. Holland also sees us as a good investment because of our potential to expand internationally, specifically in Mexico and Latin America. We’re excited to grow with them and take our distribution channels into new geographical areas.”

What are you looking forward to most about joining the M. Holland Company family?
Tom: “Our people are excited about accessing new materials and distribution channels. Our customers are also excited because M. Holland sells some of the other commodity materials they use. Ultimately, M. Holland provides us a vehicle to grow, which is something everyone at T&T strives for and enjoys.

“On a more personal note, I’m excited that we found a good home for our business and our people. M. Holland is a crown jewel, and its reputation speaks for itself – it’s an honor to partner with them. I’m confident the business is in good hands.”

To M. Holland, our work is much more than business; it’s personal—that’s why our mantra is “We take plastics personally.” T&T Marketing’s commitment to building strong relationships parallels our way of doing business. T&T knows that cultivating loyalty and trust among customers and suppliers is key to success. That’s the kind of culture we embody and look for in our partners.

For more information, view the press release on our acquisition of T&T Marketing.

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