M. Holland Company Enhances 3D Printing Offerings with Braskem’s Polypropylene

May 21, 2020 • Posted in News

M. Holland will exclusively distribute Braskem’s high-performing polypropylene to support its clients with prototype and applications development.  

Northbrook, Ill., May 21, 2020 — M. Holland Company, a leading distributor of thermoplastic resins, has partnered with Braskem to exclusively distribute its new polypropylene filament for 3D printing applications. This material features a proprietary formula that allows for high stability, low warpage and consistent extrusion. This agreement will allow M. Holland to better support clients in creating prototypes and developing various other applications.

There is an increasing need in the additive manufacturing market for printable polypropylene material with high chemical resistance and hydrophobic properties. Polypropylene has not typically been used in the prototyping or production of 3D printed parts due to high failure rates. Braskem’s unique polypropylene formula is highly stable with low warpage, excellent bed adhesion and consistent extrusion, which makes it ideal for prototyping. Braskem’s suite of 3D printing polypropylene products, including FL100PP and FL105PP, offers a combination of stability, balance and impact resistance.

After trial testing Braskem’s polypropylene materials, additive manufacturing engineers at M. Holland demonstrated repeatable and dimensionally accurate outcomes. The polypropylene generated clean surfaces and excellent layer adhesion, along with reduced stringing and improved surface performance in support material.

“The 3D printing market has seen increased adoption of additive manufacturing technologies and applications due to machinery commoditization and expanded material offerings,” said Haleyanne Freedman, market manager, 3D Printing at M. Holland. “Our partnership to distribute Braskem’s 3D printing polypropylene products will enable injection molders to finally use genuinely 3D printable and easy-to-use polypropylene, opening up a world of applications.”

“We are proud to introduce our high-performing polypropylene material to the 3D printing market and explore developing opportunities in this space,” said Jason Vagnozzi, director of North America New Ventures and Digital for Braskem. “M. Holland’s technical knowledge and relationships within the 3D printing industry will help us demonstrate the superior results of this material in a complex market space.”

This new partnership strengthens M. Holland’s offerings from existing 3D printing supply partners, including BASF, HenkelOwens Corning and 3DXTech. To learn more about 3D printing products from Braskem, please email 3Dinfo@mholland.com.


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With a global vision of the future oriented towards people and sustainability, Braskem (B3: BRKM3, BRKM5 and BRKM6; NYSE: BAK; LATIBEX: XBRK) is committed to contributing to the value chain for strengthening the Circular Economy. The petrochemical company’s almost 8,000 team members dedicate themselves every day to improve people’s lives through sustainable chemicals and plastics solutions. Braskem has an innovative DNA and a comprehensive portfolio of plastic resins and chemical products for diverse segments, such as food packaging, construction, manufacturing, automotive, agribusiness, healthcare and hygiene, among others. With 41 industrial units in Brazil, the United States, Mexico and Germany, and net revenue of R$52.3 billion (US$13.2 billion), Braskem exports its products to clients in more than 100 countries.

Braskem America is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Braskem S.A. headquartered in Philadelphia. The company is the leading producer of polypropylene in the United States, with six production plants located in Texas, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, an Innovation and Technology Center in Pittsburgh, and operations in Boston focused on leveraging groundbreaking developments in biotechnology and advanced materials. For more information, visit www.braskem.com/usa.


Sami Sauerman
INK (for M. Holland)

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