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For decades, M. Holland has been a trusted expert in plastic resin distribution. Now, as additive manufacturing moves beyond prototyping into the production of end-use parts, we’re ready to help guide you to the forefront of one of today’s most exciting technologies.

We offer manufacturers the cross-industry knowledge, advice, and unbiased consultative expertise needed to compete in the ever-evolving world of 3D printing. Our 3D printing specialists can analyze your applications and assist in identifying the appropriate method, machinery, and material for each of your applications to help save you time, money, and labor.

From application development and machinery recommendations to training and part design, M. Holland has the right combination of proven experience, consultative expertise, and deep relationships to help you bring your vision of what’s next to life.

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Standard Filaments

Ultrafuse® ABS – Natural White, Black, Red, Silver, Natural

Ultrafuse® PET – Black, Clear, White

Ultrafuse® PLA – Black, Blue, Red, Silver, White

Professional Series

Ultrafuse® PLA PRO1 – Natural, Black

Ultrafuse® PP – Natural

Ultrafuse® PAHT CF15 – Black, Carbon Fiber

Ultrafuse® PET CF15 – Black, Carbon Fiber

Flexible Filaments

Ultrafuse® TPC 45D – Black

Ultrafuse® TPE 60D – Natural

Water Soluble Support Material

Ultrafuse® BVOH

Metal Filaments

Ultrafuse® 316L


Loctite 3D 3820

UltraClear (2436351)

Loctite 3D 3840 General Purpose

Black (2301374)

Grey (2236048)

Loctite 3D 3860

High HDT (2431590)

Loctite 3D 3870

High Impact (2431934)

Loctite 3D 5010 Silicone Elastomeric

White (2478793)

Black (2478794)

Clear (2478790)

Loctite 3D 5015 Silicone Elastomeric

White (2479337)

Black (2478794)

Clear (2479336)

Loctite 3D 3172 Tough

Grey (2584961)

Loctite 3D 8195 Elastomeric

Grey (2584640)

Loctite 3D 3843

HDT80 (2584962)

Loctite 3D 3818

High Accuracy (2584950)

Loctite MTO Elastomeric




Carbon Fiber Reinforced Materials


CF-ABS – Black

CF-PA6 – Black

CF-PC – Black

CF-PEEK – Black

CF-PEI – Black

CF-PEKK – Black

CF-PETG – Black

CF-PLA – Black

High Performance Materials


ASA – Black

PC/ABS – Black

PC/ASA – White


TPC 88A – Black

TPC 92A – Black

PA6 – White, Black


PEI 1010 – Black

PEI 9085 – Black

Max-G PETG-Black, Natural

Fire Retardant Materials


FR-ABS – Black

FR-PPS – Natural

FR-PPSU – Natural

FR-PSU – Natural

Water Soluble Support Material


BVOH – Natural

Support Materials

HTS – Natural

HIPS – Natural

Electrostatic Discharge Safe Materials


ESD-ABS – Black

ESD-PC – Black

ESD-PETG – Black

ESD-PLA – Black

ESD-PVDF – Black

Our Experts

Haleyanne Freedman

Haleyanne Freedman

Market Manager, 3D Printing

M. Holland Team Member Carlos Aponte

Carlos Aponte

Executive Relationship Manager

M. Holland 3D Printing Ross Deason

Ross Deason

Application Development Engineer

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