White Paper: Thermoplastic Selection for Medical Devices

February 11, 2020 • Posted in Technical

Choosing the optimal plastic resin for a medical device has significant implications for functionality, durability, cost, and patient safety. Concerns about the substantial investments involved in the lengthy medical device development process and the need for regulatory approval means medical device engineers often stick with “tried and true” options and shy away from unfamiliar resins that might be better suited to the nature and use of new devices.

In this white paper, the medical resin experts at plastics distributor M. Holland Company outline an approach that provides valuable guidance for medical device design and development teams as they research and evaluate resin options. This innovative framework involves breaking down information silos as well as implementing project management practices that emphasize continuous learning and improvement. Focusing specifically on material selection, regulatory concerns and supply chain risk, they present vital aspects of part performance, supplier support and ongoing material availability for teams to consider.

This proven process empowers medical device engineers to consider a greater variety of medical-grade resins, potentially resulting in innovative solutions and improved product performance, while also streamlining timelines and preventing expensive mistakes.

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