Ed Holland announced to all employees yesterday the exciting news of M. Holland’s entry into the Mexico and Latin America markets. The partnership of M. Holland and Mexico’s Grupo Solquim will create an immediate presence in Mexico for M. Holland and provide supply and other resources to spur the growth of the new company, Grupo Solquim-M. Holland.

Grupo Solquim, currently one of Pemex Petroquimica’s largest distributors, was founded 45 years ago by Javier Lebrija Vasquez Gomez. Solquim has grown to serve over 500 customers with both company-owned warehousing and logistics capabilities and 3PL relationships throughout Mexico.

Ed outlined the intent to build the new company’s supply base and “create a robust product portfolio ranging from polyolefins and styrenics to engineering resins”. Expansion into Latin America and the Caribbean are also anticipated. Entering these markets may include subsequent acquisitions to enhance the capabilities of Grupo Solquim-M. Holland.