Tracy Coifman Shares His Perspective on Being a Member of the M. Holland Family

August 8, 2016 • Posted in Culture

On April 29, Puerto Rico based Able International Corp. and Tril Export Corp. officially joined the M. Holland family, along with their President Tracy Coifman. The two companies are now named M. Holland Puerto Rico (MHPR) and M. Holland Export Services (MHES), servicing plastic processors in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and South and Central America. Like M. Holland CEO Ed Holland, Tracy followed in his father Daniel’s footsteps in leading his family’s business. Now Tracy is part of the M. Holland family.

For Coifman, joining M. Holland has been a career highlight. He compares the past several months with M. Holland to the birth of his 12-year-old twin sons and 10-year-old daughter. “It’s been exciting, at times overwhelming—lots of joy and little sleep. The fun is only beginning.” Coifman states. “The future is blindingly bright at M. Holland, which is why we were so excited to join.”

Coifman says the plastics industry is going through what he calls a “Zombie Apocalypse.” “Our industry is going through a bit of a renaissance with a lot of new capacity coming on stream. There has also been a change in our industry demographics; new leaders are taking over and the resin distribution and supply chain is evolving at an amazing pace. It’s a great time to be in plastics. We have a lot of hard work ahead but I am looking forward to it. The hardest part of the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ is pretending that I am not excited,” he jokes.

MHPR and MHES have broken several sales volume records in the past few months in a very challenging market. “It feels like Christmas every day. We are truly working on unlocking new opportunities for customers and suppliers alike. It is amazing what we have been able to accomplish in such a short time.”

The MHPR/MHES team is made up of 14 employees who operate out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. M. Holland plans to focus the San Juan location as its Center of Excellence for international trade and trade compliance. “The entire team is thrilled about being a part of M. Holland. We are all truly amazed and impressed by the investments M. Holland has made in people and technology. We look forward to continued success in new and existing markets.”

When asked what has surprised him about M. Holland thus far he says the level of influence he is able to provide. “I feel strongly that I can contribute to this organization. The team here really listens. When you go through an acquisition, you worry about people who will remain with the company as time passes. I can honestly say a solid foundation is being built and five, ten years down the road things will continue to be positive for me, my family and the entire team. The M. Holland leadership team continues to push the envelope and strives to be better every day.”

Since the close of the acquisition, Tracy has not had a moment to slow down. “My crazy travel schedule throughout Latin America continues. I’ve flown enough miles to have travelled to the moon and back seven times.”

Although he admits that nothing is better than spending time with his wife and children. “I love when I am able to travel with my family. One year we traveled from Chicago to Salt Lake City via train so the kids could see snow. It’s the best trip I’ve ever taken. The trip I’ve been on with M. Holland so far is a close second—I look forward to this continued ride.”

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