Mployees Celebrate Earth Day Worldwide

April 22, 2019 • Posted in Culture

M. Holland is proud to join organizations across the globe in recognizing Earth Day 2019. Each year on April 22, some 113 countries celebrate and promote environmental awareness. As a company, we have made a commitment to bring a stronger focus on sustainability into our daily business decisions and operations. We are happy to report that Mployees across our organization already make an effort to devote their time to making a positive impact within their communities. Today we wanted to spotlight some of these Mployees and their efforts:

Mployees Make a Difference Every Day

We recently polled our Mployees and found the majority consider making environmentally-conscious choices within their daily lives important. More than 90 percent of Mployees recycle at home and nearly 20 percent compost. Composting acts as a natural fertilizer, which benefits the 40 percent of Mployees who garden regularly. Most respondents had also participated in activities like lakeside or beach cleanups, litter removal, and community gardening to get involved in Earth-friendly initiatives in their communities. Two of our Mployees recently participated in beach cleanups within each of their communities in honor of Earth Day.

Tracy Coifman, San Juan, Puerto Rico-based business development manager for M. Holland’s Latin America businesses, makes a point to be environmentally-conscious both in and out of the office. Since 2016, Tracy and his family have volunteered with 7 Quillas, an organization preserving leatherback turtles. This year he also participated in the Monster Beach Clean-Up, picking up trash along Ocean Park Beach in San Juan.

Suky Lawlor, marketing and communications manager for M. Holland, who has lived in the Chicago area for nearly 20 years, enjoys spending time on the waterfront with her family. To celebrate Earth Day and give back to her local community, Suky and her family participated in a clean-up on Lake Michigan. They worked in conjunction with the Alliance of Great Lakes, which holds similar events as part of its Adopt-a-Beach program.

Leading by Example

At M. Holland, we are incorporating sustainability into our day-to-day operations. These initiatives include replacing former lighting with ComEd energy-efficient LED bulbs, donating or recycling IT equipment, adjusting the output of network printers to double-sided, and equipping kitchen areas with recycling bins and sustainable coffee products. We’ve designed our workspaces to be highly connected with video conferencing capabilities to reduce commuting and unnecessary travel, which can take a toll on the environment. We are also excited to announce M. Holland is now a member of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS), a joint initiative started by the Plastics Industry Association and American Chemistry Council. OCS provides best practices for plastics manufacturing facilities to achieve zero pellet, flake, and powder loss, protecting the environment and saving valuable resources. All of our Gold Standard Distribution Centers are already members.

These efforts, while small, are just the beginning of our focus on sustainability. M. Holland believes that we have a responsibility to meet the needs of now without sacrificing the needs of future generations. Every effort— no matter how small —makes a positive difference.

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