February 27, 2019 • Posted in Market Insights

Exciting Changes Ahead for M. Holland’s Wire and Cable Group

It’s the end of an era for M. Holland’s Wire and Cable group as Tom Jordan, managing director of wire and cable, retires after 30 years in the industry. This transition is bittersweet for both M. Holland and the industry, where Jordan earned an international reputation for innovation and integrity.

As the co-founder and president of T&T Marketing, which was acquired by M. Holland in 2017, Jordan embraced the everyday adventure and challenge of running a successful and trusted wire and cable business with energy, drive, and optimism. He established a dynamic culture of success, cultivating a team with unparalleled expertise in the wire and cable industry. The company’s Easton, Pennsylvania laboratory partnered with suppliers and clients in creating innovative new products specific to the wire and cable market that remain valuable intellectual property today. In the early years of the internet, Jordan adopted a “virtual office” model, where T&T operated without a headquarters office and all employees worked from their homes.

M. Holland President & CEO Ed Holland said, “Tom built a great business with T&T, and we are honored that he chose to continue T&T’s legacy through M. Holland Company. We look forward to building upon that legacy while keeping intact the uniqueness that set them apart in the wire and cable market. We wish Tom as much success in his retirement as he had in establishing T&T.”

Following the acquisition, T&T Director of Sales John Accorsi was pleased that both companies had found the right partner in each other; both shared a similar mission and vision, were a good cultural fit, and had the same customer- and supplier-first approach to doing business.

“Tom manifested that and proved it every day,” Accorsi said. “He made regular trips to China over the past decade to meet with a key supplier, and he knew how to build relationships and partnerships with our global customers.”

Moving forward, T&T will be the M. Holland Company Wire and Cable Group, preserving the characteristics that have been integral to the success of T&T and retaining the company’s 26-person team under Todd Waddle, who will replace Jordan in the leadership position as the director of M. Holland’s Wire and Cable group. As part of the transition, John Accorsi has transitioned into the role of account and product manager.

“I appreciate Tom’s willingness to teach me what he’s learned over decades in the industry,” said Waddle. “I’ve learned so much from him, including the many facets of the wire and cable industry and keys to building relationships with suppliers. I appreciate his trust in M. Holland and in me, knowing that we will continue his legacy.”

The Wire and Cable Group is part of M. Holland’s Business Development Team, which comprises market development groups focused on the automotive, medical/healthcare, 3D printing, color and compounding, and electrical/electronics markets. In another recent move, former National Accounts Manager Carlos Aponte was appointed Market Manager for Electrical/Electronics reporting to Dwight Morgan, M. Holland’s vice president of corporate development and head of the company’s Business Development Team.

Please join our team in thanking Tom Jordan for his many years of hard work and service to T&T Marketing and M. Holland, while also wishing Todd Waddle, Carlos Aponte, and John Accorsi continued success in their new roles.

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