Introducing M. Holland’s Recently Promoted Executives

May 23, 2019 • Posted in Market Insights

M. Holland recently announced updates to its organizational structure at the executive level. These changes support the company’s strategic business initiatives and five-year growth plan. As part of this restructuring, M. Holland has promoted seven company leaders: Steve Armstrong, Marc Fern, Dave Franco, Neil Goodrich, Lisa Kaplan, Dwight Morgan and Jon Walsh.

Each of these executives has demonstrated exceptional leadership during their tenure with M. Holland and played an integral role in the company’s growth and transformation. M. Holland looks forward to seeing how these leaders continue to drive success in their new and expanded roles.

Read more about each of these executives and their new positions, along with some fun and surprising facts:

Plastic Resin Distributor M. Holland Steve Armstrong

Steve Armstrong, former director of resale global sales, was promoted to vice president of global sales – resale. In addition to overseeing domestic and international sales for M. Holland’s Resale division, he also serves on the recently formed M. Holland Company International Council, a special committee designed to coordinate global export strategies and activities between M. Holland’s domestic and Latinoamérica businesses.
FUN FACT: Steve served in the United States Marine Corps.

Plastic Resin Distributor M. Holland Steve Armstrong

Marc Fern, former vice president of commercial, was promoted to executive vice president of commercial. He works closely with Edward Holland to oversee the company’s Distribution and Resale business units.
FUN FACT: Marc once scooped ice cream at an outdoor music festival for an entire summer.

Plastic Resin Distributor M. Holland Dave Franco

Dave Franco, former director of resale sourcing, was promoted to vice president of global sourcing – resale. He is responsible for refining and executing M. Holland’s worldwide sourcing strategies and expanding the company’s global presence.
FUN FACT: During one summer in college, Dave worked for the Middlesex County mosquito control task force in New Jersey. On numerous occasions, he found himself wandering through waste management systems.

Plastic Resin Distributor M. Holland Neil Goodrich

Neil Goodrich, former IT director, was promoted to chief innovation officer. He helps spearhead the company’s efforts to revolutionize its digital platforms and experience for employees, clients and suppliers.
FUN FACT: Neil once worked as a private investigator, conducting surveillance on people faking injuries.

Plastic Resin Distributor M. Holland Lisa Kaplan

Lisa Kaplan, former director of marketing and corporate development, was promoted to vice president of marketing and strategic planning. She will continue to oversee M. Holland’s global marketing and branding efforts in addition to developing the company’s annual and forward-looking strategic business plans.
FUN FACT: A competitive swimmer in high school, Lisa also participated in an annual synchronized swimming show.

Plastic Resin Distributor M. Holland Dwight Morgan

Dwight Morgan, former vice president of corporate development, was promoted to executive vice president of corporate development. He leads the company’s seven Business Development groups, all corporate development activities and M. Holland’s Latinoamérica businesses.
FUN FACT: Dwight has his private pilot’s license.

Plastic Resin Distributor M. Holland Jon Walsh

Jon Walsh, former finance director, was promoted to vice president of finance. He oversees M. Holland’s global financial shared services function, which manages accounting, financial reporting and treasury functions for the entire organization. He also serves on the M. Holland Company International Council.
FUN FACT: Jon grew up on a hobby farm riding horses, but now enjoys riding a Harley.

Please join M. Holland in congratulating Steve, Marc, Dave, Neil, Lisa, Dwight and Jon on their recent promotions. These new positions serve to recognize their passion, talent and continued dedication to the future of the company.

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