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March 2, 2016 • Posted in Market Insights

Week of February 29, 2016

  • Oil rallied last week on reports of another meeting in March among Russia, Saudi Arabia and others to discuss freezing output at January’s levels.
  • Optimism seems unwarranted because Iran will not attend and freezing output at January’s high levels won’t reduce the current supply overhang.
  • The Saudi oil minister also said at an IHS conference in Houston last Tuesday that a cut in supplies “is not going to happen” due to a lack of trust between producing nations, adding that Saudi Arabia can live with oil as low as $20/bbl, even though it doesn’t want to.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that empty tank cars are now being used to store surplus oil as tank farms inch closer to capacity.


WTI Crude Oil & Brent Crude Oil 02292016


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